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Current Board Members

Chair: Gloria McMillan                                     Secretary: Glenda Penner

Vice Chair: Joy Bowman                                 Treasurer: Reg Atkinson

Past Chair: Miranda Edwards


Business Administration:       Randolph Smyth – Convenor
Marv Pidhorny, Barry Hill

Christian Education:               Convenor – Vacant
Lois Riley,

Christian Education:               Convenor – Vacant
Lois Riley, Rev. Doug Neufeld

Equity and Diversity:              Denise Weir – Convenor
Alison Murray, Doug Neufeld, Elaine Madill

Ministry and Personnel:         Miranda Edwards – Convenor
Pat Bowslaugh, Barb Janzen, Dallas Green, Marg Cullen

Outreach:                               Connie Haigh – Convenor
Linda Friesen, Kathy Knight, Heather Moore, Lois Riley

Pastoral Care:                        Darlynne Smith – Convenor
Carolyn Heard, Myrna Lane, Irene Smith, Tina Ure, Faye Wilcox
Newsletter -Darlynne Smith

Property:                                Ken Winstone – Convenor
Rick Church, Barry Hill, Keith Privat

Worship:                                 Alan Silvius – Convenor
Angela Johnston, Randolph Smyth, Faye McLoughlin, Glenda Penner, Davis Placatka, Rev. Doug Neufeld

Prairie to Pine Regional Representatives:
Alison Murray, Darlynne Smith

Trustees:                                Gloria McMillan – Chair
Alan Silvius, Marlane Wilson, Doug Neufeld, Miranda Edwards

UCW:                                      Darlynne Smith – Chair           

About Us

Established in 1962, Trinity United is an Affirming church located in Brandon’s South End.

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1515 6th Street
Brandon, Manitoba
R7A 6B3

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